Gotta love the Aegis


Yea! It’s Wednesday morning and the Aegis is here. Their headlines are my favorite. Today’s big headline is “MySpace hits Harford: Dringing, drugs, sex and obscenties fill kids Internet bios.” Interestingly, Baltimore magazine arrived today with its own story on the MySpace issue. Of the two, the magazine story is quite a bit better. I checked out the MySpace site — somethings it’s clear that parents ought to get comfortable doing — and I was struck by how adept these teens are at exploiting the medium. Their sites have photos, music, graphics, links. They are heads and shoulders above the kinds of blogs I’m seeing people their parents’ age keep. Of course these hormone charged authors have some growing up to do. But once they do, it’s clear this is a group that is going to expect to manipulate the technology to communicate. I hope their parents’ generation will be able to keep up. If not, there will be an awful lot going on that we don’t know a thing about.

In other Aegis news, there’s a follow up on the Harford County prostitute story. If you missed last week’s version, try and find a copy. It was an entertaining read. The Aegis got a hold of her date book and ran it almost verbatim. They give you all her “dates” (first names only, but enough details to get you trying to guess if you might know these guys) and also all about what she had scheduled for days she took off, including such mundane details as what day she had furniture delivered.
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The whole story was kind of a hoot.
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I wish I could link to it here, but the Aegis only offers online access by paid subscription. Too bad.