Love campaign?


Seen yesterday on Bel Air Parkway stuck into the grassy area along the roadway: black signs with white lettering with the message “Courtney let Jeff back into your heart” and “Say a prayer for Courtney and Jeff 1 more chance.”

I’ve noticed these signs have been there near the entrance to the Festival shopping center for at least a week and they have me wondering what’s the story with these folks? I find it odd that Jeff isn’t asking Courtney directly for her heart — like that guy in the television ad who asks his girlfriend to marry him (and pay his debts) on a banner pulled by an airplane. There seems to be a third party involved here printing signs on Jeff’s behalf, perhaps? And the color scheme seems ominous. The signs are black and the lettering is in bold white block-style. And then there is of course the obvious question of why do this in such a public venue? Is someone trying to garner public support for the union of Courtney and Jeff? It seems like an awful lot of pressure to put on Courtney. I’d say it’s all none of my business. But then someone seems to want it to be.

Good luck guys.