Mother fuel


As I navigate life as a mother of two here in Bel Air, I occasionally stumble upon survival tips that help make getting through the day a little easier.
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Mother fuel:
I recently read that a happy mother makes for a happy family. A recent CNN report focused on depression, but it’s true of any ailment moms suffer. I’ve found it’s often easiest to put aside what troubles us with regard to our physical and mental health in order to focus instead on our families. I have to agree with the recent reports that this can lead to mother-and-family burnout. Here’s a little something that helps in one small way — staving off hunger and providing a little energy to get through the middle of the day:

In a blender mix 1 banana, a handful of frozen raspberries or blueberries, 1 container of yogurt (any flavor) an ounce of orange juice, a splash of cranberry juice.

This takes two seconds to make (I like using a hand-held motorized blender wand because I can drink the smoothie right out of the mixing flask and pop it and the wand right in the dishwasher) and it keeps me feeling full through the lunch hour and a bit beyond. If we’re in a hurry, I can carry this with me into the car. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t spill easily.
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The beauty of this recipe is that its completely interchangeable. Put whatever you like in it. Make it is thin or as thick as you like. The good part is it keeps me full for awhile and gnawing hunger is one fewer of the many distractions I must juggle.