Plumpton Park Zoo Review


We just returned from my daughter’s pre-school field trip to the Plumpton Park Zoo just outside of Rising Sun. It was my first visit and I found it to be an easy half-day outing with kids. A special thanks goes to my neighbor who advised I bring a tablecloth to cover the picnic tables before lunch. The picnic area is a bit of a wilderness, but the kids seemed to enjoy the swing sets and set of three slides built into a small hill best of all. The zoo is small enough to cover the grounds without wearing out the kids too much. But it’s rustic. The moms pushing the strollers had to use their muscles over the gravel and mud paths. If you’re going with a group, as we did, watch carefully for the group parking. It’s located south of the main entrance and it isn’t easy to see as you’re driving by. Many of us went to the main entrance and unloaded our kids before we were told we had to climb back into our cars and drive back down the road a bit to park in a field. It was a lot of walking. My good thoughts go out to the mommies with the infants strapped to their chests and toddlers in the double strollers. If you park in group parking and then work your way all the way to the picnic area, it’s a long stroll back to the car carrying the tots who have grown too weary to make their way on their own two feet. However, if you are using the main entrance — where parking is limited — the picnic area is right around the corner.