Summer’s coming!


We’re slogging through spring break over here in the cul-de-sac — 48 hours to go!
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— and it occured to me that the BIG break is just around the corner. Summer vacation, 86 days, 2,064 hours of free time to fill, is coming. Aaargh! Last summer I signed my 7-year-old up for a week’s worth of church camp at the Greek Orthodox Church of Harford County, a week’s worth of art camp at the Bel Air School of Art, a week’s worth of science camp at Camp Invention and a two-day a week program of crafts and games offered at Forest Lakes Elementary School. That last program brought me closest to my summertime goal of establishing some semblance of that delicious schedule that makes the school year manageable — most of the time.
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That program could be relied upon to occupy him for a full three hours twice a week, affording me enough time to grocery shop or hit the gym with just one kid in tow. The other programs were much shorter in duration and the drive time there and back pretty much extinguished any chance of getting much done while he was in camp.
But this summer, I’m thinking of scaling back the activities and making it a summer at the Bel Air Athletic Club’s pool. This could be dangerous. There is nothing worse than a houseful of bored children. Last summer my 7-year-old was too uncertain in the pool to have much fun unless he was holding onto me in the water. His sister, who was two at the time, had the most fun trying to get away from me in the water. It made swim time a lot less fun for me. But we just finished up almost year’s worth of swim lessons at Aquaculture Swim School in Forest Hill. He now knows how to manage himself in the water and is even starting to catch onto some of the swimming strokes. So, I’m thinking I could be brave and plan a summer’s worth of pool time. If I get really lucky, I might be able to get both kids to go to the club’s KidSports program so I can squeeze in a workout. However, one of the other mommies there told me its a great idea in concept but quite difficult to make happen.