Big fun


The sheer size of the thing made me stop right there in the sports equipment aisle at the Bel Air Target today. It made my children, who were rattling off their birthday wish lists on either side of me, stop too. The end-of-aisle display held a “volleyball” the size of a large beach ball. As I was trying to wrap my head around how you would actually play volleyball with that thing, I spied more monstrously sized sports equipment in the aisle beyond: badminton rackets the size of snow shoes, inflatable basketball hoops and soccer goals the size of those “moon bounces” you rent for kids birthday parties. The Sportscraft company which makes this stuff says on its website that it’s been making the Monster line of sports equipment since 2004 and this year decided to expand the line. Looking at the images of families playing oversized games in their oversized yards, made me think that the inflated take on summer sports is quite appropriate for this moment. We’re a supersized country fretting about obesity, buying in bulk, storing it in our double-wide refrigerators in kitchens that expand into “great rooms” in sprawling houses that open onto wide lawns. Why not play a game of Monster Rockets on your monstrous lawn? Heck, the rockets are even foam tipped for “extra” safety.