Chic Street


One of the reasons I like being a mom in Bel Air is how easy it is to get to everywhere a mom needs to go. The Bel Air Athletic Club is right across the street from the Harford Mall. Just across Route 1 from there is a chain of chain restaurants, two major grocery stores, Blockbuster, McDonald’s (perfect in a kid pinch) and, of course, Home Depot and Target. But then these things that are great for moms toting a minivan full of kids are not so great when mom is remembering what it was like to be chic — save, of course, for the designers willing to let Target hawk their wedge sandals, wrap dresses and retro toasters. But I’ve noticed downtown Bel Air’s Main Street has started to take a more fashionable turn. Right there at the corner of Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (the portion they named Kimmie Way in honor of Bel Air’s Olympian & World Champion Kimmie Meissner) sits Savona — an eatery with a Tuscan flair. Here you can grab a pound of kalamata olives and feta or have a panini for lunch. They ocassionally hold Saturday wine tastings. and if you look up at the ceiling when you’re in there, you’ll noticed they covered in it tin panels to recreate that vintage architecture feel you get in those renovated downtown Baltimore rowhouses. Down at the other end of Main Street, just before the one-way street road narrows into two lanes again, sits Tiger Lily (52 N Main St.) . Under its hot pink awning I find all sorts of girly gift ideas. Paisely rain boots, spangled purses and playful pajamas. Most things are about$50 and under and come in a cute blue shopping bag complete with lilac tissue and a festive bow, perfect for gift-giving. Across the street is Heartbeat Ltd, (13 N. Main Street), a pricer boutique selling the Brighton line of leather handbags with boldly decorative hardware, shoes, artsy costume jewelry and fancy casual ware — nothing that fits my mom life now, but if I get invited to a fancy party, something here would do the trick. Sure there are still plenty of consignment shops, and country-style knick knack stores and Boyd & Fulford Drugs (23 S. Main St.) is worth a visit just for the Mayberry-esque trip down memory lane. But if you can remember how to parallel park — I’ve never had trouble finding a spot during the day — Main Street’s fashionable flair is making a trip to the big city less necessary.