Mulch thrift


Now just two BGE bills away from the envelope that will hold the searing 72 percent increase (Shat…tuck!) I thought I’d share some ways I’m saving money. I’ve noticed some other folks talking about their methods on their blogs. Honestly, I don’t think any of this is going to cover it, but what the heck. Thrift is somewhat of a virtue. I was about to order 10 yards or so of mulch from a local garden center and have it delivered in a pile on my driveway, at a cost of a few hundred dollars. But then, my husband suggested we try to tackle at least part of the mulch job by picking up some of the free stuff Harford County gives away at the Harford Waste Disposal Center in Street. The county charges $10 for a cubic yard of mulch. And they will load it into the back of your pick up for you if you like. But, they’ll let you take a few garbage bags full of the stuff home for free. In the two or three years we’ve been getting mulch there, my husband says he hasn’t seen them counting the bags people take.
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We’ll usually fill about five or six bags ourselves and load them into the back of the minivan. My husband suggests bringing a shovel and a large plastic trash can along with the heavy duty garbage bags. Two or three clothes pins can help hold the bag in place in the can for those first few shovel-fulls of mulch. Some folks lay a tarp in the back of their minivans and just shovel the mulch directly onto the tarp.
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Since you can go as often as you like and pick up as much as you need, it’s possible we could get the entire yard taken care of this way. But if you consider trying this, be warned: It’s back-breaking work. (Shat…tuck!) It makes sense to bring help — help with muscles.