One BGE bill down, one to go until the the BIG one hits


My May BGE bill arrived today and oh, joy it was less than last month’s bill.
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I filed it ruefully thinking I’ll have just one more manageable bill until I get slammed. Then it occured to me, I’m not alone in my misery. We’re all going to get slammed. And it willl probably happen at about the same time. Two months from today, BGE bills will land in our mailboxes (they’ll probably even feel heavier when we drag them out). I’ll be afraid to open mine. I think I’ll hear that music from Jaws or Scream that comes thumping ominously just before the attack. But then why should we endure this all alone? We should have a party. We should all gather somewhere and open our bills simultaneously. We can let out a collective cry of anguish. We’ll be doing this anyway. It will resonate throughout the region. People driving by Baltimore on I-95 will wonder that day, “What is that sound? It sounds like a hurt animal.” But wouldn’t it be better if we were having a party when we get the news? We could comiserate. We could share food and drink. We could have a band. By gathering in one place we can turn off the lights and air conditioning in our homes and save energy. And you know who should throw the party? How about someone who’s looking to gain millions in the deal? I’ll bet he could afford to spread some good will. I heard he likes to entertain.