Seeking more road rage news, Brangelina shows a little class and show us some mercy BGE it’s hot today


This week all of Bel Air seems saddened by the road rage killing Friday night, which ended 23-year-old Patrick Walker’s life and sent former Harford Community College student Michael Simmons, 19, to jail on a a first-degree murder charge. My husband and I heard talk of the fatal traffic squabble everywhere from Target to Mark’s Place barber shop. This blog saw a record number of hits today from Internet surfers from Maryland and elsewhere in the country searching for information about the killing and Patrick Walker in particular. I’m anticipating that tomorrow’s edition of the local Aegis newspaper will have more details, although you can’t read that online without a subscription. I offer the following links to stories I’ve seen posted in the past few days with details of the incident:,,,

Classy move, Brangelina

In happier news, today we have details of the most over-exposed celebrity birth of the year.
While cleaning up after dinner tonight, Inside Edition informed me Angelina Jolie finally gave birth to baby Shiloh in a rather usual manner (a scheduled Caesaran – apparently the baby was breech) with the help of a regular Los Angeles doctor (irregularly flown in to a private and well-guarded Nambian Hospital). The whole Brangelina affair has seemed so extravagantly eccentric, with the family hiding out in the African country awaiting the birth. But I have to say they seem to have handled it with the kind of class millionaires can afford. Aware that paparazzi would give anything for the first shot of their daughter, they’ve sold the rights for the first image for $5 million and plan to donate the funds to UNICEF, according to Inside Edition. The entertainment news show also reported the couple plans to donate $300,000 to help other babies in the country (rather vague) and $15,000 to support a school and community center. The news made me start to feel compassion for the fabulously beautiful and fabulously wealthy couple who broke Jennifer Aniston’s heart. It’s too bad all that charity won’t keep the paparazzi from hunting them as soon as they try to bring that baby home – if not sooner.

Show us some mercy BGE. It’s hot today!

And finally, it seems appropriate that on this day when I nervously decided it was time to turn on the air conditioning, a Baltimore Circuit Court Judge rejected the state Public Service Commission’s approval of a 72 percent increase in Baltimore Gas & Electric rates for residential customers due to debut July 1. Read about it here and here and here. I appreciated the efforts of those sign-wielding protesters enduring the 90-degree heat outside the courthouse while I watched them on the news on TV in my air conditioning, which will soon cost me an arm and a leg. (Shat…tuck!) I’m enjoying seeing those PSC guys get slapped around a little. But I know it’s not going to make much difference in the end. This summer, we’ll be paying dearly to keep cool thanks to an energy deregulation plan that appears to have only benefited Constellation Energy.