Counting raindrops


I give up. I’m going to build an ark

4.38: the number inches of rain the National Weather Service recorded as having fallen in Harford County during the past 24 hours

3: The number of inches of rain expected to fall before 5:30 today

3: The number of counties – including Harford – under a flash flood warning

48: The number of hours I’ve been in the house, figuring it’s easier to entertain the kids here rather than drag them out in the rain

4,000: the number of plastic beads we’ve turned into art works since the rain started

24: the number of very pretty blossoms that the rain has torn off the Camelot Digitalis I planted just before the sky opened up

12: The number of buckets of rain water I’ve scooped from my stairwell drain waiting for my contractor to come and unplug it.

2: The number of raincoats I’m alternating between so that one is somewhat dry before I go outside again

3: The number of neighborhood children who’ve shown up today looking for something to do (I’m going to need more beads. In the meantime, I’m going to keep them busy looking for pairs of things to load onto the ark. Anyone know how to sew a sail?)

But I guess it’s not all bad news. The rain did shut down the IRS building in D.C. today.