Feeling pruney


There’s nothing like four straight days of heavy rain to prove your home’s weather-worthiness. I have to say I’m quite proud of my sturdy 18-year-old. So far, (and I know I’m in danger of speaking too soon), I don’t yet see any puckering in its brick, its aluminum siding or its asphalt shingle roof. Although, my fingertips are starting to feel all wrinkly just watching all this water fall. And this is despite the waterworks that have sprung across my backyard. All this rain has carved three natural waterfalls into my hillside. I think I see salmon swimming upstream out there. When I step outside, I can hear the rapids roaring. And yet my house stays dry. That is, of course, except for the water backing up in my outdoor basement stairwell – due to a clogged drain my contractor promises to clear yesterday. But the bailing, which I was confident would be a one-night event, has become rather routine. I’m starting to feel like I live on a boat as I nervously peer out the port holes and worry that we’re going to take on water. I imagine this what it must be like to live on one of those tropical islands that have monsoon seasons. The Baltimore Sun’s weather blogger Frank Roylance says Bel Air had the most rain in the region since the storm began clocking in with a foot of the wet stuff. Perhaps Mother Nature’s is attempting to let us know we’re not taking global warming seriously enough. Now, what was Al Gore saying on Late Night with David Letterman the other night? I’ve got to start paying more attention.