It’s time to think of bus driver gifts, and those can be tricky


Now it’s six and a half days and counting until the end of the school year in Harford County and it’s time to think bus driver presents. At this point, most end-of-year-teacher gifts have already been selected and will be presented at this week’s end-of-year picnics. But there is still time to wonder about what to get the bus driver who has no doubt put up with all kinds of noise and rowdiness while ferrying our precious cargo in all kinds of weather this year. It’s harder to know a bus driver’s tastes than a teacher’s as you usually only wave to your bus driver but likely have spent some time chatting with your child’s teacher. In past years I’ve opted to give the driver candy. But then I worry that chocolates might melt before the driver finishes her un-airconditioned route. I bought her a cute little box of Harry and David Carmel Moose Munch Confection (containing nothing that should melt) from Target but then my neighbor, who last year bought the driver a beach bag, called with a great idea. Since a group of us parents always end up at the bus stop together each day, she suggested we each pitch in a small amount for a gift certificate to a restaurant where one of the moms in the neighborhood works. One neighbor will pick up the gift certificate, another will make up a card with a picture of a bus using some card making computer software she has and put all the kids’ names on it. We figure if she doesn’t like the restaurant she can always re-gift the certificate to someone she knows. This neighbor of mine also had a cute idea to personalize the gift certificate her son’s classmates got for their teacher. She bought a small canvas tote and had all the kids in the class sign it. Then she slipped the gift certificate inside.