The Bel Air Fourth of July parade stake out has begun


Beach towels, blankets, tarps and folding chairs are already lining Bel Air’s July 4 parade route with 27 hours yet to go until the parade begins at 6 p.m. tomorrow. Folks intent on getting a good view of parade stars like Bel Air Olympian figure skater Kimmie Meissner have already claimed stretches of grass between Main Street’s curb and sidewalk a full day before the festivities begin. Big sticks — which are plentiful after last weeks monsoons — bricks and duct tape are holding the blankets in place. I saw some resin deck chairs holding down a tarp outside of the Harford County Administration offices on Fulford and Main. It looks like the most comfortable grassy spots on Main street between Idlewild Street and where Route 924 curves past the Bel Air High School complex will be filled up first. I don’t imagine comfort was a consideration for the folks who duct taped a blue tarp over the sidewalk and brick in front of the empty store front that will someday be the Tiny Toes boutique near the corner of Main Street and Kimmie Way. It doesn’t appear that anyone is keeping an eye on their spot as of yet so I guess everyone is under some kind of parade honor code to respect these staked out spots.

Parade Route: The Bel Air Fourth of July parade is set to begin at Main Street and Lee Street and then head against the usual flow of one-way traffic up to Route 1 (Baltimore Pike) where it will bear right around the Harford County Adminstration Building and pick up Route 924 a block later as it passes the Hays House and the Bel Air High School complex before it joins up with South Main Street again. The parade ends at Idlewild Street.

My husband just returned (at midnight) from staking out a spot of roadside real estate along the parade route and reported that more than 100 blankets are already lining the route — many of them soaking wet from the heavy rain that fell a little earlier.