Bel Air parade review


We saw Kimmie! For my 3-year-old daughter, World Champion figure skater Kimmie Meissner was the reason for going to Bel Air’s Fourth of July parade. We even have a good picture of her to prove it. Kimmie was her highlight. I missed the drama of those big military machines that APG shows off at the Havre de Grace parade, which we attended the past two years. Bel Air had plenty of fire trucks, but no low-flying military choppers. Bel Air did, however, have an unusual addition. I can’t say I ever remember seeing septic services and portable potties showing off their stuff at a parade as they did yesterday. Now, of course, portable potties are a very important part of any outdoor festival. So, I imagine at one time or another yesterday they were at the forefront of many festival-goers’ minds. For those of us who went before we left, the potties’ parade appearance allowed us to to admire the facilities from our curbside seats. For added effect, the Hall’s Septic System tanker truck even left one of its hoses to drag behind it along the parade route, like a stray piece of toilet tissue stuck to its heel.

The award for good fireworks behavior goes to Bel Air

Good job, Bel Air. I heard that police had to break up one scuffle between two men who threw beer at each other near the Wawa during the parade. But other than that, it appears we did not have the post-fireworks fights that marred Havre de Grace’s carnival and the Inner Harbor fireworks in Baltimore. Today’s Aegis has a front page story detailing Havre de Grace’s carnival troubles. While Baltimore’s scuffles appear to be the result of generally bad behavior, Havre de Grace issues seem to involve some gang ties and a troubling trend of crowds turning on police and fire officials who came to help. The Aegis reports that two police officers were injured trying to stop the fights that broke out after the fireworks display ended Sunday night. The chief of the city’s volunteer fire company sent a letter to Havre de Grace’s city hall Monday telling city officials to move the carnival out of town, according to the Aegis story. The story did not include a response from city officials.