Could it possibly be … whispers of fall?


With the humidity cranked this high, I thought it couldn’t yet be possible. But there it was in my mailbox last week, staring at me like an omen: the Lands End Kids catalog featuring a great big blue back-to-school backpack. I thought, this can’t be happening. Not yet. These cute kid models in their plaid skorts and yoked sweaters must have posed for these pictures last Valentines Day to have this catalog here so early. Swimwear was relegated to just one page near the end of the catalog. It seems like just yesterday I was trying suits on my Lands End virtual model – who didn’t look so much like a “model” after I plugged in my measurements. And yet there were other signs that it might be time to make sure I hit the pool more often before the season slips away. The L.L. Bean fall catalog landed in my mailbox just a few day later. Then came a postcard from The Pink Silhouette boutique (20 East Lee St., Bel Air). They were advertising their Lilly Pulitzer summer clothing sale. They’re looking to make room for outfits in deep fall colors like aubergine. But it’s July! There must still be time for summer. I have to get to the beach. Just once. Then I saw the clincher while driving by the Harford Mall today. There on its sign was the word: “Christmas.” Apparently the mall’s Ellen’s Hallmark store is holding a Christmas ornament preview July 15 and 16. Can we really be thinking about Christmas now? I’m wearing flip flops! I’m not ready to think about back packs and Christmas ornaments. I’m going to the pool.