School night at Aberdeen Ironbirds game


When we ordered our group tickets in February to see the Aberdeen Ironbird’s with my son’s elementary school, I had no idea they were so difficult to score. Apparently this Single-A New York-Penn League team has been selling out all its games since the stadium named for Aberdeen native and baseball superstar Cal Ripken opened four summers ago. And this with the team never breaking a .500 record. My kids had such a good time at Saturday night’s game (which the Ironbirds won) they’ve been asking to go back. I don’t know how to tell them all the games are sold out. Despite Saturday’s sold-out crowd, it was an easy game to attend with kids. Traffic was like nothing up Route 22 from Bel Air. Parking was easy in the huge lot that stretches out in front of the stadium. Even leaving at the end of the game was slow, but smooth. There was plenty of room to move around with the kids in the expansive concourse. And, they had a kids’ entertainment area set up behind the stands where kids could get quarter tokens from a machine for turns throwing a pitch, batting, tossing basketballs or jumping in a moon bounce. My group spent most of the game in this area where they met up with friends from school. Hours of fun cost us only $3 in tokens. On the other hand, cotton candy was a whopping $3.50. (Though, that price is way better than the $10 they wanted for cotton candy sold only in a silly hat at the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus.) The game seemed to fly by. By the time my group played in the moon bounce, visited the Team Store for souvenirs and grabbed some pricey spun sugar, it was time for the fireworks. I love stadium fireworks because everyone has a place to sit and a great view. Except for the Camden Yards-like warehouse and additional fields going up behind the stadium, Ripken Stadium reminded me of the Wilmington Blue Rocks stadium just about 45 minutes up I-95. If you want to catch a Single-A game this season, the Blue Rocks still have tickets readily available. Check them out here.