And we’re off…


School has started and it’s like the frozen treadmill under our feet has finally sprung to life. A schedule, blessed schedule, has returned and once again I can count on my son being off and occupied by trained professionals for six hours a day. My daughter and I are free to hit the hair salon, library, grocery store and mall without our favorite glum-faced 8-year-old who would much rather be home playing with friends. When he comes home, there is, of course, homework that keeps him occupied for about a half hour. Then his friends start milling in the cul-de-sac to occupy him until dinner. And then it’s off to shower and bed because we get to start it all again early the next morning! These early weeks are the best because they are still so manageable. Only one sport has started and it only meets twice a week. Soon preschool will start and then I’m thinking of adding swim lessons and dance classes to the mix. Pretty soon that treadmill is going to start speeding up and the sweat will start dripping down our faces. But until then, I’m going to enjoy these first weeks of school.