Bel Air News & Views launches Misadventures in Gardening blog


Blogging these past few months has taught me something. I have a great deal more success writing about many things than actually doing them. Of course, sometimes all the blogging keeps me from doing them. Take, for example, parenting, housework, grocery shopping. I’m way better at writing about these things than I am at getting them done particularly well. (I actually should be doing the dishes right now) To that end I’m launching my third blog today: Misadventures in Gardening ( This blog is to chronicle my struggles with the rather vast garden I inherited when my husband and I bought this house from two retirees with very green thumbs and plenty of time for tinkering in the yard. My hope is that some generous readers might weigh in from time to time with suggestions on how to do such things as prevent a vegetable garden from being overtaken by ragweed, beat back berry-filled weeds that grow taller than my head (but actually look rather pretty) and how to keep a water garden pump filter from clogging up weekly. If nothing else, perhaps readers will be kind enough to click over there and take a peek at my photos (it will help boost my readership and it feels so validating — much more so than doing the dishes.) But alas, the pots and pans call. Gotta go. Thanks for reading.