I …..need……school ….. to….. start


Seriously. Tomorrow. Let’s have it start tomorrow. Why wait until Monday? Let’s get a jump on all the other districts. We could get a good two days of reviewing all those things the kids forgot during the summer and then they could start fresh on the new stuff on Monday.

It’s getting desperate here among the housewives. There were a couple of times today I just had to let out a scream. The children screamed along with me. Vacation is over as are all the camps, clubs and other activities we moms so carefully planned to keep our kids busy. As we try to clean up and clear out and stock up on school supplies, the children whine they’re bored and they want to play with someone. Then they get bored doing that. Thank goodness sports have started. At practice, all us soccer moms comiserate and complain about the how the NASCAR dads aren’t doing enough (though I must exclude mine who’s doing the dishes right now) and plot how to influence the next election. One soccer mom summed up how we all felt in these last days of summer perfectly: “It’s like having PMS.” Our skin is crawling, we’re unreasonably irritable. We wonder, “What’s wrong with us?” And then we realize, aha! The kids are not in school. They should be in school. Now. Let’s send them now. I have my son’s backpack packed full of school supplies and waiting at the front door. Why wait until Monday?