Looks like Forest Lake Elementary School’s new neighbor is a bank


From the look of Friday’s Aegis, it appears that all the hoopla last year over what was to be built on the weed-filled corner next to Forest Lakes Elementary School may have been settled at an August meeting of the Harford County Development Advisory Committee meeting. An tiny item in a story about the meeting stated: “A 6,000 square foot retail space and a one-story, 3,600 square-foot bank will be located at the intersection of Route 24 (Rockspring Road) and Osborne Parkway in Forest Hill.

Although the story states it “will be” done, I’m not certain that this is the final step in the approval process. Nonetheless, I’m curious whether that questionnaire I filled out for the Forest Lakes Elementary School PTA was taken into consideration. I know a lot of parents were concerned about talk of a restaurant on the property, traffic patterns and whether the retail property would be separated from the school property by a fence or wall. I can’t wait for school to start up so I can find out more. (Of course, that’s not the only reason I can’t wait for school to start.)