My ode to summer’s end


Ten days until school starts and all through the house

I hear the moaning and groaning from bored little mouths.

“Camp has ended,” they say, “vacation has too.”

“There’s nothing, no nothing, just nothing to do.”

“That’s not true,” I tell them, “and I’ll tell you why.

“The basement is so full of toys I could cry.

“They fill the shelves and the storage room. They’re all over the floor.

“Until you put them away, I’ll get you no more.”

“We don’t want to clean up, we want to play with someone.

“We want to run around outside, play with the hose in the sun.”

“OK fine. Go on out there, but don’t make a mess.

“Don’t muddy the grass. Don’t muddy your dress.”

That’s unlikely to happen, but I guess it’s OK.

It will give me a moment of peace in the day.

Summer’s been fun but I long for a schedule.

Ten days and counting. Come on school!