My son is getting a portable education this year


OK. Whew. School is really going to start now. We went to back-to-school night tonight to check out the trailer (excuse me, “learning cottage” as they’re calling them) where my son will attend third grade this year. The entire third grade and one fifth-grade class (six classes altogether) are in portable “cottages” set up behind the school and in the parking lot. I’m guessing it’s OK, this portable thing. The trailer really was quite nice. With the door closed, I would have thought I was in a regular classroom. It even had that new trailer smell. (It really did. But it wasn’t pleasant. I hope it airs out.) Bathroom breaks will mean a bit of a hike. And, I’m going to have to insist he dress appropriately for the weather. (It will take some doing to talk him into carrying an umbrella.) It’s kind of like college, hiking between buildings between classes. And, some genius kids have navigated college campuses at his age. Perhaps this portable thing will make him a bit more worldly. I do worry, however. His school was built less than a decade ago and already it’s too small. When all the BRAC kids come, will we be setting up tents in the playing fields?