Skinny jeans found this Bel Air mom


Three months and two weeks. That’s how long it took the newest most fashionable denim trend to discover me all the way out here in Bel Air. Back on May 8, I posted an item on this blog about the new skinny jean trend I’d been reading about and wondered how long it would take to trickle down to Bel Air. Well, there you have it. Just more than three months. That’s really not bad. I knew I could go looking for clothes that fit the trend, but then I’d pay too much. And, quite frankly, there is no point in spending lots to be in fashion when most days the only folks who see you are 8 years old or younger and think you look best when you’re wearing something with sparkles. Old Navy was the place the skinny jeans found me. We were on our way out of the Harford Mall after checking to see how much we’d get at Electronics Boutique for trading in some old Game Boy Advance games (not much) when I saw them on display at Old Navy. “Mommy’s doing an experiment” I told the kids as I dragged them into the store. Back in May, I had read an New York Times article about how skinny jeans made one wearer feel like a rock star. The Levi’s ad made them look equally exotic on the svelte legs of a model striding along to the music of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line.” But when I got the kids and myself into an Old Navy dressing room and wriggled into a pair they reminded me of…well…me, circa 1985. They even have those little zippers at the ankle. I got a bold whop of nostalgia standing there among the oversized sweaters (I remember those too…The Limited…Forenza…great big pink cabled monstrosity that constantly slipped off my shoulders) with those huge v-necks that plunged to the top of the rib cage. Yes, layering is back. You can’t even wear these clothes without wearing something under them. I could suddenly see my old self: permed blond curls amped up with plenty of blue eyeshadow, dangling plastic earrings, an oversized top cinched around my hips with a double-wrapped rubber belt and a big slouchy denim bag over my shoulder. I can do this look. I know just how to wear it. I spent a lot of time perfecting it. But…I don’t think I should. I think there’s a rule: if you wore it the last time it was hot, you need to sit the next round out.