Cool idea to help you find placeblogs about your town


I stumbled across an article on the media news website Poynteronline that featured a Watertown, Massachusetts blogger’s plan to create a website to help direct readers to blogs based on geography. The blogger is Lisa Williams (publisher of H20Town) and her project will work a bit like a Techorati search based on locale. Just type in Bel Air and her site is expected to collect and deliver blogs written about Bel Air, or wherever else you might like to read about. It would seem that you could simply use Technorati to do just that, but unfortunately, the blogosphere search site mostly turns up vaguely related items or blogs that mention Bel Air but don’t focus on the area. I can’t wait for Placeblogger to get up and running. I’ve often thought it would be great even if just here in the Baltimore area we had a network of placeblogs that we could easily peruse to find out what’s going on in Towson, Bel Air, Fells Point, Westminster, etc. The blogs are out there — and many of them are neatly featured on sites like Blogtimore,Hon and Blog Baltimore. But you have to read each one to figure out where the blogger is writing from. Placeblogger could also be great if you’re looking to vacation in an area, or move to a new town. Blogs can give you a real feel for a town and its challenges that you don’t get from straight news stories or travel brochures. Good luck, Lisa!