How do you know the Bel Air real estate market’s gone soft? The sign spinners arrive.


Here in Bel Air we’re used to seeing folks waving to us on street corners trying to drum up business for Little Caesars Pizza or Liberty Tax Service. But this Saturday, for the first time, I noticed a sure sign that the Bel Air real estate market is softening. The developer Toll Brothers had sent folks to the corners spinning big red arrow-shaped signs trying to attract attention for Tollgate Village off Tollgate Road and Cedarday farther west off Route 24. I guess they really are feeling that slowdown in new home sales. The sign twirling has been a real estate staple in other areas of the country. But this is the first time I saw these guys here. Some of them were really quite good, twirling, tossing and dancing. I vlogged one of them practicing in the Harford Mall parking lot today. It’s not great quality since I did it while waiting for the light to change at the intersection of Tollgate Road and Route 1. I wanted to get the really good twirler, but I was busy running that Wal-Mart errand when I saw him. I’ll try to catch him another time. Unless, of course, the real estate market turns again and Toll Brothers can send the twirlers back to the marching band.