I just don’t believe Martha does her own housework anymore


Life magazine — the pamphlet-thin shadow of its former self that comes as in insert to the weekend newspaper — had a cover story this past weekend on Martha Stewart. I am intrigued with Martha’s celebrity life and was drawn into the story by the accompanying picture of her crisply dressed in white sweater and slacks, posed in a white room among some of her brand’s furniture, some pieces curiously wrapped in cellophane. The story’s headline was “Martha Stewart Unwrapped.” I get it. But it’s still a little odd. Anyhow, along with the story — a brief Q & A about where the uber-wealthly lifestyle mogul is headed after emerging from a prison term for obstruction of justice in connection with a famous stock-selling scandal — the print version of the magazine included a list of Martha’s Weekly Home-Keeping Tips. I had to laugh. It just seemed so incongruous to read Martha’s list suggesting we flush the kitchen drain with boiling water and dust light fixtures weekly while she’s pictured in a steel chair with the sleekest bare legs I’ve seen on a CEO, ending what look to be a set of 4-inch heels. I have a hard time imagining her fussying about the house baking pies and dusting banisters. I’m awed by her ability to transform housework into a multi-million dollar behemoth that bears her name (for better or worse). But at this point, I’d be more likely to take to heart her business tips than her toilet-cleaning suggestions.