Pennysaver Police Beat is some of the best reading in Bel Air


For a good chuckle, don’t miss the Pennysaver’s weekly Police Beat compiled by Jody Osborne. Go check your mailbox. It should be in there today. I don’t think there is a week I haven’t laughed at her collection of Harford County Sheriff’s Office calls. I’ve heard that her dispatches have been read by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. And, the Pennysaver’s masthead today seems to indicate that her Police Beat has also been heard on 98 Rock. Anyway, this week she gave my neighborhood its very own 15 minutes of fame. Yes, indeed, right here in my sleepy subdivision we had a little dust up that ended up with three — yes, three — sheriff’s deputies and two squad cars responding. It was all about a poor choice of words one adult used as he “urged” the kids to stay out of his yard. The adults worked everything out. But, it’s nice to know that armed officers can be so quickly summoned at the first sign of trouble. And now we get a little notoriety right there along with a kitten that became stuck in a storm drain and a Bel Air resident who reportedly exchanged his mechanical expertise for sexual favors.

Other goodies from this week’s edition:
“A King Arthur resident alleged that his soon-to-be-ex-wife had vandalized his friend’s vehicle.” (Sir Lancelot’s, perhaps?)
“Acccording to a witness in the 100 block of Red Pump Road, several townsmen were reported throwing punches and creating a disturbance in the area.”
(Oh, those townsmen)