Playing soccer in the dark


The Forest Hill Recreation Council soccer program is still holding evening practices. But geez, it’s getting dark out there. With the sun setting just under an hour after practice started tonight, the boys on my son’s U-9 team are barely visible during the end-of-practice scrimmage. It’s too bad, because my son is finally starting to embrace the concept of getting aggressive and going for the ball. Although, he might need night vision goggles to find it next week. I imagine he and the boys would have less trouble dealing with those than they seem to have getting into their scrimmage pinnies. I have to stifle a giggle every time I watch them tangle themselves up in the oversized orange mesh pullovers. They put them on upside down, backward, or with their heads struggling to push through an arm hole. Unfazed, they’ll play the rest of the scrimmage with their heads through the bottoms of their pinnies, the extra mesh fabric flowing over their shoulders like an orange cape. And when one of their shoes gets untied, it’s quite a conundrum. My son has worked out a system where he wears his shoes loosely during the day so that if they come untied, it’s not absolutely necessary to devote a great deal of his time to refastening them. But that doesn’t work on the soccer field. Tonight one of the boys had loose laces and the coach had to ask another player to help the poor kid get his shoes tied. I’ve told my son he better start improving his knotting speed, if not for himself, then for his team.