Something to do with all those political fliers


For the past few weeks I’ve been tossing out piles of political fliers that have been stuffing my mailbox. But then I noticed that some of these were printed on really nice card stock. (Craig DeRan’s in particular. He’s been sending me so many 8- by 5-inch bearing his smiling face that I’m feeling like he’s some long-lost cousin sending me daily postcards from his European vacation.) He actually is running for the Harford County seat in the Maryland House of Delegates and, I assume, hoping to win by pelting voters with paper. It occurred to me that there might be a good use for all these fliers. I thought that one way to put the fliers to good use and keep the kids busy on their day off of school on election day is to use the fliers in craft projects. I helped get their creative juices flowing with a house I helped them construct out of a rather large card from Harford County Executive candidate David Craig. All the DeRan flyers made for a great deck with stairs and an peaked roof. I think I spied DeRan at my health club the other day. I was going to stop him and politely request that he stop sending me so much mail. But now I hope they keep coming. The kids and I want to add a garage and perhaps a sunroom.