Bel Air News & Views on Ice


Bel Air News & Views and daughter caught the Disney on Ice Princess Wishes show at the 1st Mariner Arena last night. (The show runs through Nov. 5) We had a ball. We went as guests of my daughter’s godparents. (Thank you very much!) She and her cousin probably would have been happy just to see the princesses all dressed up. But putting them on skates amped up the interest for all the adults in the audience. I’ve always been a big fan of figure skating and these performers didn’t disappoint. Several of the pairs numbers included some dazzling lifts and spins. Aladdin hoisting an upside down Jasmine over his head with one hand was particularly impressive. Some parts of the show were almost circus-like, particularly the Little Mermaid scene where the sailors used a seesaw to spring one another onto a tall platform and onto a chair held up only by another sailor on skates. It was hard to imagine how they were pulling all this off while wearing narrow blades on a surface of slippery ice. Besides all the flipping and spinning, the skaters also scaled a three story set and glided through the air on ropes suspended from the ceiling. It was something else. The finale included some pyrotechnics which had my daughter hiding her eyes. Later she asked, “You’re not supposed to have fireworks indoors, are you?”