Bel Air News & Views visits Kilgore Falls


Bel Air News & Views took advantage of Saturday’s summerlike weather to catch a picture of the kids posing by Kilgore Falls in Rocks State Park for our family Christmas card. My husband and the kids had found their way there a few weeks ago and my husband thought the falls would make a great backdrop. I’d never been. Getting there is a bit of an adventure. The ride there is lovely. It’s about 15 miles from downtown Bel Air traveling up route 24 through Forest Hill and beyond. Make a left at St. Mary’s Road (you can see St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church on the left). St. Mary’s Road will become Clermont Mill Road. Then make a right on Falling Branch Road. You’ll see a parking lot to the right. The walking path to the falls starts at the end of the parking lot. It’s a well-kept dirt path that winds through the woods. After about a 10 minute hike, you’ll start to hear the whispers of falling water. Just before you reach the creek, the path will diverge. Follow it up the hill and you’ll come out at the top of the falls. Keep on the lower path and you’ll find yourself on the riverbank faced with a stone path to let you cross the water. That’s where you get the full view of the falls. I thought it was funny my husband and I traveled four hours to see the waterfall where Frank Lloyd Wright built his Fallingwater house when these falls, just 20 minutes away, were so impressive. The water was low in the creek and children were there running barefoot in the water. Plenty of visitors were making their way down the trail with dogs and babies strapped to their backs. We popped some Dollar Tree Santa hats on the kids’ heads and begged them to try to stop squinting in the sun while we postioned them in front of the falls. While we all had a good time trying to keep our balance on the rocks, it may not have been the best spot for the Christmas photo. When we looked at the finished pictures, the waterfall upstaged the kids.