Braving Harford Mall on Black Friday


I took eej’s advice and decided to brave Harford Mall on Black Friday (mostly because I felt like jumping into the holiday fray). She was right. It’s been quite made over. If you can ignore the food court ruins lying in a broken pile outside, the inside is lovely. The entrances have been jazzed up with that quarry stone new home builders love to layer on their homes and entrance gates. And there’s a lot more of it in the center court. Color block lights and modern wrought iron chandeliers bring the mall into the 21st century. The floor is redone in marble-like shades of taupe. Wrought iron outlines of playful sea shapes like crabs and seahorses decorate the corridors. The holiday decorations seem tame, perhaps so they don’t distract from the renovation. Santa’s area is much smaller than last year. There is no train for the kids to ride like there was last year. There’s just a small area where Santa sits in a sleigh to pose for pictures with the kids. The old food court is completely closed off at the end of one corridor. But it looks neat. You can’t see any of the construction from the inside. Now that’s it’s looking so much more up to date, perhaps we’ll start to see some new upscale stores in the mall. I did find this website for Maggie Moo’s ice cream store that said it would be coming to the mall to share space with an Ann Taylor Loft, a Chico’s and a Bonefish Grill. The website says it’s part of that “lifestyle” component that CBL & Associates is adding to the mall to make stores more accessible from the outside.