Election Day ballot stumper wins


    I know it’s a little early here at 9:30 a.m. the morning after election day, but The Baltimore Sun is reporting it looks like a win for the constitutional amendment I couldn’t understand well enough to vote for yesterday. With 78-percent of the precincts reporting, the amendment allowing appeals to the Court of Special Appeals from a decision by an in banc circuit court was ahead by a 661,086 vote margin. I’m a little relieved. After my voting befuddlement, I returned to Maryland’s League of Women Voters site and found a breakdown of what a vote for this particular issue would mean. It’s still a bit a dense, but essentially the change would, ironically, clear up some obsolete language in the law and make the practice uniform throughout the state. That does sound good. A thoughtful reader came to my aid yesterday and pointed me to a website that defines legal terms (which “in banc”) appears to be. It’s French. Viola. My problem is, I didn’t pay enough attention in my college French class. But it did get me thinking, perhaps there should be an amendment that says all amendments to constitutions in this country ought to be easy to understand in English.