Election Day ballot stumper


The kids and I hit the polling place just at about 10:30 a.m. this morning. While the little Bel Forest Christian Academy lot was almost full, I was pleased that there was no wait to vote.
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(The kids get impatient.) I had practiced the night before on the specimen ballot that arrived at my house a few days earlier so that I could get in and out quickly. But I have to say, there was one Constitutional Amendment that left me stumped. It was Question 2: Constitutional Amendment Circuit Court in Banc Decisions:

“This constitutional amendment establishes the right of a party who did not request in banc review by the circuit court to appeal an adverse decision by the in banc court to the State’s intermediate appellate court.”

After reading it yet again, I’m still a little stumped. I did find a Baltimore Sun article that ran Nov. 3, addressing all four ballot questions. But it still left me a little befuddled on the banc thing. Like, what is “in banc” and why is it spelled banc? I guess I’m missing something here. The article states the whole banc court thing is rather rare and usually involves state law issues.
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I could really use a good example of how this works. Anyhow, I didn’t feel adequately informed to make a responsible decision one way or the other, so I left it blank … or rather, blanc.