Harford County schools let parents finally get a peek for American Education Week


I took advantage of this week’s American Education Week celebration to break into my son’s classroom — well, almost. I like to be involved in my kids’ education. But I’m finding it’s kind of tricky. First off, I have to find somewhere to stow my little one. Teachers don’t look kindly on dragging distruptive toddlers into their siblings’ classrooms. Finally, this year, my youngest is in preschool for a couple of hours every other day freeing me up to volunteer in my son’s classroom. I was all excited to get into his room to see how he was doing until I learned I missed the first month’s volunteer calendar. I thought the copy of the Harford County school district’s calendar page in my kid’s folder was just an FYI. I didn’t realize I was supposed to write down the dates I was interested in volunteering.
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I got with the game plan for this month. But when I showed up to volunteer, I was directed to a file cabinet far from my son’s classroom and dispatched to make copies. I’ve done that twice now, still without a glimpse of my kid. But American Education Week was finally my big chance.
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School was ready for the onslaught of parents (and grandparents as today was Grandparents Day). They had a table up front to sign us all in and direct us to the trailers where they were teaching our kids. We had to knock on the door so other visiting parents could let us in. It was really quite nice inside those trailers. I quite forgot I wasn’t in a regular classroom. I got to see him at work in small group reading. However, he wasn’t with his regular teacher for the lesson I caught, so I still have to figure out a way to work my way in there. I imagine I’ll figure something out.