It’s almost time to vote


It’s getting to be time to vote. Four and half days with the kids off of school (yikes!) and then off the polls. That means I have about two free hours left to decide who to vote for. I looked at The Aegis for some ideas this morning. They ran a Q & A with the candidates for Harford County Council president. The interviews, which they had a stenographer record, covered more than 160 inches of newsprint. I…just…couldn’t…read…it. It…was…just…too…much. And the questions weren’t exactly, um, pithy: “What do you think has been the primary or some of the primary reasons that those periodic zoning reviews have not succeeded?” You know, I was just wondering the same thing. So then I thought I’d go with my who-has-the -biggest-signs? plan. Usually, when I’m in the voting booth and I’m drawing a blank on which candidate to pick for a certain office, I go with the one whose sign I can recall seeing the most often. This year I have the additional benefit of having been buried in political fliers and I’ve grown rather used to seeing the candidates’ mugs. I thought I might just go with the candidates who I thought had the nicest smiles. But then I remembered the League of Women Voters — that non-partisan political organization that’s always sponsoring debates. (I’m not quite sure why it’s all women. Maybe the men tend to be too partisan. Probably something to do with the testosterone.) Anyhow, they have this website that lists all the candidates for office and includes a little description of each written by the candidates themselves — though, I suppose some of them might have had some help. And if you don’t know which district you’re eligible to vote in, the have this little feature where you can type in your address and they’ll tell you which district you live in and who your current elected officials are.