Bel Air Rotary and Aegis donate dictionaries


My third-grader came home from school with a dictionary today, courtesy of the Bel Air Rotary Club and the Aegis’ sponsorship of The Dictionary Project. The Dictionary Project is a program started by a Savannah, Georgia woman who donated 50 dictionaries to a school near her home. By the time she died seven years later in 1999, she had raised enough money to buy 17,000 dictionaries for Georgia schoolchildren. The program has continued and now reaches worldwide as a non-profit organization that seeks out donors to help put dictionaries in schoolchildren’s hands.
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I was thrilled to see George toting home the little blue dictionary. I had bought him one of his own after his reading teachers told me back in kindergarten that I shouldn’t correct his “stretch” spelling. He’s finding stretch (phonetic) spelling a really tough habit to give up. I thought he might get lost in the dictionary looking at the pictures and seeking out their definitions the way I once did. (It used to take me forever to finish my vocabulary homework this way.
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) He’s not taking to it the same way I did. When I opened the book I was delighted to see that the Aegis was one of the donors. I’m truly hoping they got some copies of their own. Did you see that headline on page A2 of last Friday’s Aegis? Spellcheck anyone?