Want to see what was holding up traffic for so long?


Christmas is almost here and some drivers seem overwhelmed with impatience. Traffic around Bel Air shopping centers has been a nightmare for weeks now. But with the Christmas countdown leaving just 48 hours to go, some folks cannot handle a wait to make a left-hand turn. Just this morning, as my husband waited for a break in traffic to turn left on Route 24, a driver pulled out from behind him and drove his car in front of my husband’s simply to yell at him through the window. Then he pulled his car back into place to await his turn to make a left. The same thing happened to my aunt a couple of days ago. In that instance, the impatient driver waiting for her to turn left, pulled out from behind her and attempted to make a U-turn. Unfortunately, at the same moment, another car was pulling aside to make room for an oncoming ambulance. The car attempting the U-turn sent the one pulling aside skidding into the median. All this has been compounded by the unfortunate timing of the Route 24 road resurfacing going during the busy holiday shopping season near the Festival Shopping Center in Abingdon. I’ve seen three accidents piled up in the median in the past two weeks near where road work is forcing lane mergers. And then of course there was that really bad accident at Route 24 and Boulton Street near the Harford Mall on Dec. 15 that tied up traffic for hours. If you’ve been wondering what was holding you up that day, there are photos of that accident, which sent three people to the hospital, posted on the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company’s website: www.bavfc.org. The site also includes shots of the Bloom’s Broom Dairy barn fire in Creswell Dec. 19. Besides the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company, other area fire and EMS companies post rescue pictures. See some of them here:
Abingdon Fire Company
Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. (text descriptions only, no pix)
Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company

(Click here for a list of the member companies of Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Association.)

It might help to take a peek at some of these crumpled cars before you head out into this traffic these days. It might make that wait for a left turn a little easier to tolerate.