Shockingly brazen vandals in Rosedale


    I know it’s not Bel Air, but who doesn’t know someone who live in Rosedale? If you do, warn them that vandals last night tossed a heavy stone planter through the front window of the my in-laws’ Rosedale home at about 9 p.m. Lights were on, everyone was home. Had my father-in-law been sitting in his favorite chair, he could have been seriously injured. A neighbor saw two young people running from the scene moments after it happened. My mother-in-law called Baltimore County Police immediately. An officer from the White Marsh precinct (410-887-5000) didn’t show up until fours hours later at 1 a.m. She asked if the precinct was particularly busy and he told her he had just come on duty. She asked if this kind of brazen vandalism was a problem in the area and he said he sees it over the I-95 bridge along Moravia Road and Radecke Avenue more often, particularly in the summertime, but not so much this time of year. My mother-in-law told him she was approached by a man as she walked up to the house a few hours earlier who told her he did home improvement and he told her he noticed her house had its original wood windows. He gave her a flier. She gave it to the police, but they returned it to her. Anyhow, the entire event was scary. If you know anyone who lives in Rosedale, give them a heads up.