Bel Air News & Views celebrated Presidents’ Day in the kitchen cooking up Blidgets


    Thank goodness the schools have finally reopened today. After three snow days, a half day for teacher planning and yesterday’s Presidents’ Day off, I’m more than ready for schools to reopen. At the very least, it will keep kids off the sledding hills. I grew up in Milwaukee (with lots of snow all the time) and I don’t remember ever hearing of so many people getting hurt and killed on a daily basis as a result of sledding accidents. After spending Sunday out in the cold at Ladew Topiary Garden’s Maple Magic event, Bel Air News & Views spent President’s Day in a warm kitchen cooking up Blidgets on the laptop. You can find the recipe at Widgetbox — a website that offers all kinds of widgets dreamed up by regular folks like the Kimmie Meissner competition countdown I ran before the Figure Skating Nationals Competition. Widgetbox is now offering a “Blidget.” It’s a widget (a little bit of programming code that you embed on a webpage) that will deliver blog content anywhere you want to put it. I added a blidget on this blog that promotes my Harford BRAC Blog. And I added a blidget on Harford BRAC Blog that promotes this blog. I’d be happy to add any other Blidgets created by local bloggers, so if you know of any, please let me know. And please be my guest and embed my blidgets anywhere you like.