Bel Air News & Views gets featured on Towson University’s Journalists on Journalism website


    Bel Air News & Views was recently granted the honor of being included in a Towson University website project called Journalists on Journalism. Towson journalism students selected local journalists to interview about the challenges facing them today. Kimberley Gartside of Abingdon found this blog and contacted me about doing the interview. It needed to be done in person because these students get a digital voice recorder and camera to use just for taking the class. (Last time I worked for a newspaper we had to buy our own mini-cassette recorders and cell phones. They were, however, somewhat generous with notebooks and pens.) I was amazed Gartside didn’t so much as write a note during the interview, allowing the entire thing to be recorded digitally to be uploaded as a podcast on the Journalists on Journalism’s site. Then, she snapped a digital photo of me — something you don’t see on this blog. And so I snapped a digital photo of her — something you will see here. (She’s an environmental blogger. Click here to read her blog Turquoise Mist.) The podcasts featured on the site include such local journalistic luminaries as Baltimore Sun art critic Glenn McNatt and food columnist Rob Kasper, White House Press Corps analyst and scholar Martha Kumar and Russ Parr of the “Russ Parr Morning Show.” You can listen to my interview by clicking here (Go ahead, Mom). The site is still a work in progress, with more interviews showing up all the time. I had trouble getting some of the podcasts to play today. Although, I had no trouble a few days earlier. There’s some interesting thoughts on the field there. So if you’re interested in journalism, give it a look.