My kingdom for a hat and gloves


Of course, I expected that at some point this winter it would get really cold. I even dared to expect some significant snow. And yet, I still failed to put the necessary work toward convincing by Baltimore-bred 8-year-old that coat-zipping and hat and glove wearing was going to be required at some point this winter.
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My early efforts to persuade him were repeatedly foiled by weather that would feel promisingly brisk in the morning and then turn absolutely spring-like by the time he arrived home with his coat stuffed in his backpack. So in the hierarchy of battles worth picking with kids on any given day, the whole hat and glove thing fell by the wayside. That is, until this week. Unfortunately, by this point in the winter my son has lost one of the gloves in the only pair that properly fits him. And the yellow fleece hat I keep trying to pull over his noggin seems to have shrunk since last winter. So today, when spring seems to have sprung within every clothing store in town, I set out to find him some appropriate weather gear. I thought I’d use this blog to tell anyone who might find themselves in a similar predicament that it’s not easy. After checking a half dozen stores at the Harford Mall, here’s what I found:

You can get stocking caps with a sewn-in strip of thermal insulation at PacSun on sale for $10.
(They’re clean out of men’s gloves, but they did have some for women)

Sears had hats and gloves for adults, including a fleece hat, glove, scarf set by Covington for $10. Nothing for kids, however.

If your really need those gloves, Macy’s had a decent selection in the back of the boy’s department near the back wall.
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They had some lined with Thinsulate for $14.

So there you go. Good luck. And if anyone found some anywhere else, please feel free to comment below and let us know.