See what developments are coming before the Harford County Development Advisory Committee Meeting


    With BRAC expected to bring 60,000 new residents to Harford County in the next decade, I’ve been thinking a lot about how important development issues are going to be around here. It occurred to me that there might be a way to use some of the new mapping services and the Internet to make it a little easier for residents to see what development projects are coming before county officials.

    So here it goes.

    With a thank you to the helpful folks at Atlas, who gave me some generous, unsolicited pointers, I present the following maps of preliminary site plans that scheduled to come before the Harford County Planning and Zoning Department’s Development Advisory Committee at their next meeting scheduled 9 a.m. Wednesday Feb. 21 in the Second Floor Conference Room, 220 South Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014.

    (Go ahead, click on the pointers for information. Click on the map and drag it around, see what else is nearby the proposed development. Zoom out and see how close it is to your house. Zoom in and see what’s there now. It’s a cool tool. If you like it, go to Atlas and make maps of your own.

    Located on the north side of Churchville Road, east of Moores Mill Road. Tax Map 41, Parcel 422; Third Election District. Council District E. BOA Case # 5557.
    Plan No. S07-015 1,344 sq. ft. existing bldg. for professional offices, 0.452 acres, RO
    Received 01-22-07 Jay & Stephanie Edwards/Jay Edwards & Associates/ CNA, Inc.

    Located on the south side of Thompson Way, east of Priestford Road. Tax Map 27, Parcel 110; Fifth Election District. Council District D.
    Plan No. P07-016 Create 18 single-family lots, 133.26 acres, AG
    Received 01-24-07 Thomas Thompson/Wilson Deegan & Associates, Inc.

    Located on the east side of Ady Road (MD Route 543), west side of Prospect Road (MD Route 646), north side of Doyle Road and south side of Taylor Road. Tax Map 18, Parcels 122, 39 and 313. Fifth Election District. Council District D.
    Plan No. P07-017 Revise 11 lots and create 11 additional lots, 132.93 acres, AG
    Received 01-24-07 Benfield Family Trust./Charles & Patricia Benfield/ FWA

    Located on the west side of Fort Hoyle Road, south of Magnolia Ridge Drive. Tax Map 69, Parcel 10; First Election District. Council District A.
    Plan No. P07-018 301 townhouse lots, 46.387 acres, R3/COS
    Received 01-24-07 Humphrey-Joppa, LLC/Brennie E. Hackley, Jr. & Wife/Bay State