Snow day survival tip


Snow fell today and then came ice and I have that sinking feeling that my good friend Don Morrison, director of Public Information at Harford County Schools, is going to call me at 5:30 a.m. again and give me that automated message that tells me I get to spend another day at home all day with kids. Don has called me so often in the past few weeks — and I’m always in my PJs when I hear from him — that I feel he’s a close personal friend. I just wish he’d let my kids go to school a little more often. Well, it’s going to be OK if schools get canceled again today.
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I came up with a good Mommy survival tip. I wear my iPod shuffle ear bud in just one ear.
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And I wear it all day. It works great. The kids still whine endlessly. The phone rings off the hook. The little girls from down the street keep ringing the doorbell. Nickelodeon blares from the TV. I can hear and respond to it all. And yet, I’m doing it to the background music of Matchbox Twenty, John Mayer and a cool collection of music my brother put together like a Mp3 mix tape of songs for my husband’s birthday. It kind of works like Prozac in my ear. My daughter wants me to play Barbies all day and when I find time to play, I make them dance to “Last Beautiful Girl” ….. Won’t be the first heart that you break… My daughter has no idea why. She’s listening to “My Little Pony A Very Minty Christmas” on DVD.
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But I don’t have to! I can, however, recite it, if she wants. I can even answer the phone and conduct a somewhat intelligent conversation with the drumbeat of “Only Heart” pounding in my right ear and making me wonder if John Mayer really is dating Jessica Simpson. If the power doesn’t go out, I’ll be able to find out after dinner with the barrage of breathless Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight reports that are usually so racy I have to shoo the kids out of the room to catch them. But luckily for me, if the power does go out, that rechargeable iPod battery will keep Rob Thomas and Mayer crooning in my ear.