Bel Air News & Views tastes Chocolate Festival


    Click here for info on the 2008 event.

    Bel Air News & Views took the family to the Bel Air Downtown Alliance 6th Annual Chocolate Festival today. When we got to the Bel Air Reckord Armory (37 N. Main St.), just before 2 p.m., the vendors had already run out of chocolate samples so we didn’t have to pay the $5 for five tastes admission price and we could simply buy whatever we wanted. We tried some chocolate ice cream from Broom’s Bloom Dairy (the dairy that’s recovering from a devastating barn fire last Dec. 19) Beachdog is right. That stuff is good. I also really liked the dark-chocolate covered caramels my husband bought for me from Bomboy’s Homemade Candy of Havre de Grace. I’m eating them right now and I’m in serious danger of finishing the box. The kids had fun building things out of Oreo cookies. Since we were rather late, I’m not sure what the Oreo architecture was all about, but they got a kick out of it. Even at 2 p.m., after the tastes were all sampled, the crowd was still so thick it took a few minutes to work our way to the front of each table. It was fun to see the inside of the Armory — now the home of the new Bel Air Visitors Center. The kids and I always wondered what was inside the castle on Main Street. For as regal as it appears on the outside, on the inside it looks pretty much like a grammar school gymnasium with a few offices that branch off the front hallway.