Thanks for the comments on the Bel Air Development Wiki


    Thanks for the comments on the wiki. I’m glad some of you liked it. It’s really remarkably easy to do, and you are all invited to join in and leave your comments on the wiki or make any changes you like. I copied the comments you left on yesterday’s Bel Air News & Views blog post into the wiki so that other wiki readers can see and perhaps answer your questions. You’ll notice that you can leave comments on the wiki much the same way you leave them here on the blog. Simply click on the blue “comments” box you see at the top of the wiki page. Today I added to the wiki page the developments that are coming before the Harford County Development Advisory Committee at their next meeting March 21. (9 a.m. in the second floor conference room at 220 S. Main Street, Bel Air.) They include Lands of Jarrettsville Manor (a development calling for six new lots and a revision of five existing lots), Constant Friendship Business Lot and Prospect Mill Park. As more information becomes available about the developments, it might make sense to give each its own page so that readers can find all the relevant information in one place. As it stands now, it appears you have to know what date a development is going to be discussed at a DAC meeting in order to find links to the meeting minutes that tell what was discussed about a development.
    With regard to one commenter’s question on yesterday’s posting regarding any news about the new elementary school slated to get tucked into the wooded corner of Vale and Red Pump Roads, all I could find was this mention on the Harford County Public schools website:

    “Over the next 3 to 5 years, many of the relocatable classrooms will be available for relocation or disposal as additional capacity becomes available.”

    That seems to indicate the school would be built and ready to use anywhere from 2010 to 2015. In an earlier blog post on the subject, I mentioned I had read that they wanted the school ready by 2009 — but it is unlikely to make much of a dent in the burgeoning enrollment situation.
    With regard to another commenter’s interest in the discussion that took place at the DAC meeting regarding Hackley’s Reserve, I included a link to the meeting minutes just under the map of Hackley’s Reserve on the wiki. The document is 48 pages long so you might want to settle in with a cup of coffee before you read it.
    Another reader wanted to know if we could see development plans online in advance of a DAC meeting. So far I haven’t found any posted online this way. I have found PDF copies of Applications to the Board of Appeals when they get put on the Zoning Examiner’s Hearing Calendar. But I believe these projects are much farther along in the process at this point. I’m still looking to find out what’s up with the shopping center going in next to Forest Lakes Elementary School. An Aegis story reported that a decision was due in January, but I still haven’t seen the project (No. 5556) show up on the county’s Zoning Decisions Online site.
    So anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for wikiing. If anyone wants to add something to the wiki and has any trouble, please leave me a comment here or send me an email at belairnews@comcast. net and I’ll be glad to help. Thanks for playing.