BAN&V spied a reminder of the Virginia Tech sadness in the Bel Air Target parking lot today


    Bel Air News & Views spied this Virginia Tech memorial car magnet in the Bel Air Target parking lot a couple of hours ago. I haven’t seen these around town (and I suppose before last Monday, I wouldn’t have looked twice if I did see one.) I wondered if we’d be seeing a lot more of this back bumper tribute with what seems to be a good number of local families having students at the school. I checked online to see where folks might be getting these and it seems at least one online retailer has been utterly swamped with requests for Virginia Tech gear in the wake of last week’s tragedy. This particular magnet was made in honor of Virginia Tech alumni killed in the war on terror. It looks like it’s available at the Virginia Tech bookstore website.
    However, that site also cautions shoppers that it might take a little longer to get things delivered due to the high demand.