Bel Air News & Views gets a new lid


Bel Air News & Views headquarters got a new lid Monday. The new roof was Mr. BANV and Mrs. BANV’s 15-year anniversary gift to each other. It cost as much as a second honeymoon, but it didn’t quite feel the same. When you are parents of one of these teen-aged homes, you’ve got to put your money where your leaks spring. Our friends in the cute toddler homes with their walls of windows and two-story foyers can hire a house-sitter and head off to Europe. But when you’re caring for one of these 19-year-olds, you have to save for their future: deck treating, shutter replacing and mature tree chopping. We hired G. J. Goss Contracting for the roof job since it seems everyone else in our neighborhood did. They did it in a day. I planned to be out with the kids during the job, but they start at 8 a.m. and, well, we don’t. We stayed in the house for a thunderous morning. (The basement was the most tolerable spot in the house.) Then we made our escape. We had to alert the roofers, who politely shifted a ladder away from the front door and swept a path through the debris for us. We promised not to return until they were done. It took them from 8 a.m. to almost 5 p.m. But it does look lovely. We went for the “shadow accent” shingles which give the roof a little texture. What fun is getting a new roof if it doesn’t look different?