Bel Air News & Views is a year old today


Bel Air News & Views would like to celebrate it’s first anniversary by thanking the approximately 25 people who visit each day to read this blog. As of this writing, this blog about life in Bel Air, Md. has been viewed more than 8,560 times since its launch on April 16, 2006. As its author, I am humbled. It’s rather amazing to imagine that these days you can start a blog out of the ether and collect that many eyeballs by doing nothing more than posting regularly. For that, I thank you. As any blogger will tell you, there is little about blogging more gratifying than to watch your readership statistics ticking upward day by day. A high readership day can boost your mood, as long as you’re able to endure those readership slides with equally good humor. I’d like to offer a special thank you to my frequent commenters: Beachdog, in particular, eej and Malnurtured Snay (careful, he’s given his blog an “R” rating. BANV is a “G” but we’re happy to have him) along with the many other Anonymous’ who I would thank by name if only I knew who you were. No one likes to visit a blog that no one is reading, and your comments tell other readers that you are here and so it’s worth a visit. I thank you for that. I’d like to thank Mr. and the two little BANV’s who allow me some uninterrupted moments to post as long as I promise the little ones they can soon log back onto And I’d like to send a special thanks to my mother who appears in the comments as MOM. She scaled a steep learning curve to get herself onto the blogosphere and with a screen name no less. She makes a point to visit regularly and leave comments, even though she lives no where near Bel Air. She gets a kick out of it when some of you respond to her. And that’s what makes this whole blogospheric atmosphere so inviting. It’s a conversation. And thanks to all of you for making it an interesting one.